Fun Park Mirnovec 14,4 Km - 15 min.


It is located near Biograd na Moru and it is the largest amusement park in Croatia. The new five-hectare site was inspired by the renowned Gardaland Park in Italy and theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

The park is intended mainly for children, families and teenagers, but other visitors will find much entertainment here as well.

Fun Park Mirnovec has 25 attractions divided into three thematic units: "Wild West", "Pirate City" a "Space". Visitors will find various roller coasters, roundabouts, a tower 50 meters high for the bravest and other adrenaline attractions, water areas for pirate ships and pirate battles, a hall for electronic games, an amphitheater for concerts, shows with pyrotechnics and fireworks and other events. Attractions should be continuously updated. Street artists, actors and circus entertainers will entertain you. Of course, there are also restaurants and bars with a rich selection, all thematically focused too.