The archipelago of about ninety islets lies south of the island Dugi Otok. They are scattered around the largest thirty-five kilometres long island of Kornat. It also gave the name to the whole national park, which was founded in 1980. In their northwest on the island of Velika Sestrica is also a 27 meter high lighthouse, which casts unmistakable light. If you wanted to experience the beauty of Kornat, day trips around this archipelago are offered by local travel agencies.

On all islands there are beautiful bays with clear water created for swimming and diving. Kornati area is very rich in various marine animals and plants, but you have to watch out for sharks, moray eels or toads. If you want to dive without professional supervision, this is only possible in certain locations, otherwise you must have official permission. Kornati are also paradise for yachtsmen, but it is necessary to have navigation or accurate nautical charts because there are many shallows and reefs.The most popular places are the port of Piškera or the Lojena Bay on the island Levrnaka.